Triumph Building

landmarksSituated along the northbound side of Quezon Ave. midway between its intersections with Sct. Albano St. and Sgt. Esguerra St. (but slightly closer to Sct. Albano).
address1610 Quezon Avenue, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City 1103 [View Map]
telephone   no data

How to commute to Triumph Building

Ride a bus, jeepney, or any public utility vehicle (PUV) that will pass through Quezon Avenue.

If you’re on the northbound side, avoid those jeepneys with “project” in their signage (e.g., Project 1, Project 2, Project 6, Project 8). To be sure, ask if they will pass by Sct. Albano St., as the Triumph Building is just few steps away from its intersection with Quezon Avenue. You may also ask the driver if they know Triumph Building itself and have you disembark right in front of it.

If you’re riding a jeepney on the southbound side, disembark on the next footbridge that connects to the other side of Quezon Avenue. The first footbridge that you will encounter is the one at the intersection of EDSA and Quezon Avenue. The next one, which is at the corner of Quezon Ave. and Sgt. Esguerra St., is where you should disembark. Then, use the footbridge to cross to the northbound side and walk towards Triumph Building. It will be visible if you look to the right as you walk on the footbridge.

If you are riding a bus or another PUV that passes through the EDSA-Quezon Avenue underpass on the southbound side, alight as soon as possible and backtrack towards the footbridge mentioned in the previous paragraph. Then, follow the same direction to cross to the northbound side and walk towards Triumph Building.

Tenants and occupants of Triumph Building

Company Unit/Floor Phone Number*
Basket Case no data 927 9750, 218 4648, 215 4058
Filmetrics Corporation 10th floor 426 0182
Global Group Innovative Services 9th floor 352 0455
Icomteq Solutions Unit 1102 414 0244, 355 0223, 352 7367
Optimus Space Solutions 4th floor 577 5614
Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission 5th floor 926 5232, 926 6449
Personal Collection Ground floor 374 7361 to 62, 374 7368 to 69
Singapore Asia Publishers (PH) 9th floor 922 3136

* All contact numbers have area code of +632

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